Ravenscroft Crystal Champagne - Set of 4

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Height 8 3/4 in.
Capacity 8 1/8 oz.

Recommended for: Cava, Champagne, Prosecco and Sparkling Wine

Ravenscroft Crystal Champagne - Set of 4


Champagne is the most northerly wine-growing region of France. Its chalky soil and unique climate produce one of the world's most exciting wines. Champagne like all cool climate wines require a tight bowl that will bring into focus and concentrate the delicate perfume of such wines. The Ravenscroft Vintage Cuvee Champagne glass, made of brilliant lead-free European crystal with a whisper light hand and mouth feel is the perfect precision tool for the privilege of Champagne. Many wine lovers miss the beautiful perfume of Champagne. This full size delicate glass with a capacity of over eight ounces should never be filled more than one third full, leaving room for the perfume to be concentrated. Experience the world's most exciting classily formed Champagne glass and never miss the complete privilege of Champagne again! Handmade in Europe of brilliant lead-free crystal.